Frequently asked questions

Evolve Academics will help you answer all questions and more as we guide you through the process every step of the way. Here is a list of things that are often asked.

Do we meet in person or on-line?

Evolve Academics is located in Incline Village. We meet with students in our office, online, or at your home.

How often do we meet?

The college application process requires numerous meetings. In the beginning, our counselors will discuss your academic portfolio to get to know you. As deadlines approach, we will meet more frequently to ensure consistency and accuracy in every step.

How do you determine the best fit schools for me?

Once our counselors get to know your preferences–location, majors, school size, lifestyle–they help you create a varied list of schools that meet your goals and potential. Also, goals change during the process, so your list may change too.

Do you work with just students or are families included in the meetings?

Some students wish to work on their own. We encourage this as it allows them to own the process of building their portfolio and making important life choices. At the same time, we always include parents in our communication. Some parents wish to know all details along the way while others give their child the freedom to learn on their own. We can customize the communication and reporting process to fit your family’s needs.

How early should I begin the college application process?

Our counselors can begin working with you as early as you’d like as there is always something you can do. During freshman year, you can choose classes that might interest you and begin establishing your academic portfolio. In sophomore year, you can enhance your community involvement. With junior year comes college essays and deep dives into the subjects or activities you like best. As a senior, we help you meet deadlines, fine tune your college essays, and prepare for graduation.


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