About Us

Since Tahoe Tutoring’s inception in 2017, we have been supporting students on all kinds of academic journeys. We have designed study plans for students who struggle with time management and online platforms. We have created literacy programs aimed at assessing student reading and writing needs. We have encouraged students to map out long-range assignments and creatively tackled last-minute tasks. 


In the spring of 2020, Tahoe Tutoring temporarily closed its office due to COVID and transitioned to a complete online learning support system. Our tutors adapted to longer hours on screen. We adjusted our calendars to meet varying schedules. We worked with all clients to ensure their tutoring needs were being maintained through trying times. 


The Tahoe Tutoring office is now fully opened and we are enjoying seeing our students’ smiling faces once again. We installed a commercial filtration system into our hvac system, added a rigorous cleaning schedule, and adapted the office to adhere to state and county health protocols to keep everyone safe. 

Today, students’ needs are met both online, in-office and in-home.

OUR Mission

To help students realize their potential, develop attainable goals, and apply their resources to the college application process.



Julie Simonelli

Julie is an experienced college counselor who develops positive and effective relationships with students and parents. She recently worked in a private high school near San Francisco and as an independent college counselor. She is currently a member of both NACAC, National Association for College Admission Counseling, and WACAC, its Western affiliate.

From course advising to evaluating transcripts to planning for standardized tests, Julie guides students and families through the college application process with efficiency. She helps clients create a manageable timeline, research scholarships, and learn about financial aid. She is highly trained and experienced in helping students develop their personal statement, answer University of California Personal Insight Questions, and compose supplemental essays. Julie’s emphasis is on helping students and their families find the college that best fits a student’s social and emotional development along with their academic record.

Julie has a Bachelor of Science in International Business. In addition, she has a Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. Julie and her husband John recently moved to the Lake Tahoe area from Walnut Creek, California. Their son Jimmy is a Biochemistry major at the University of Denver and their daughter Lauren is a junior at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Patrick McConaghy

As co-owner and co-founder of Tahoe Tutoring, Patrick is excited to “evolve” with Evolve Academics. He has been managing in person and online clients since 2017. Before that Patrick was a high school teacher, college instructor, and private tutor for over twenty years.

Patrick now works to support students and families on their journey through the college application process. Along with Julie, he assesses a student’s academic portfolio to best advise them on how to reach the next level. He excels at standardized test preparation and college essay revision. Patrick is a member of NACAC, the National Association of College Admissions Counseling.

Our counselors know the college application process can be lengthy and hard to navigate. We pride ourselves in carefully considering all aspects of a family’s needs. We take the time to get to know students to help them own the process of choosing a college they can envision themselves attending. We work with Mom and Dad to determine their expectations and meet them. From an initial consultation and follow up discussions, we work with families to agree upon a clear, manageable path through the college application process.


Our college counseling experts have the answers!

Whatever questions you would have, feel free to contact us fore more clarity and peace of mind.

Evolve Academics comprises the same customized approach and professional service as Tahoe Tutoring. Additionally, it addresses a very specific need: college counseling. From building a class portfolio to navigating various applications, Evolve Academics is the support team you need to ensure a successful start to your collegiate career.


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