Wrijoy Chowdhury – VCE English Tutor

Key qualifications and details:

Hey Class of ’16!

English 3/4… It’s quite daunting when you think about it and rest assured, I was also plagued with uncertainty coming into year 12. However I overcame this mental barrier after developing a passion for the subject, a passion that I was to cultivate within all my students.

My tutor in year 12 instilled my mindset with positivity. Let’s be honest, it would be a blatant lie if I said this mindset remained stable throughout the year. However, with proper guidance and motivation, you’ll never concede into this doubt or question your potential in the long run. It’s this outlook I want to nurture within my students.

After a year’s worth of tutoring where I taught 9 students, I have reformed my teaching approach by developing my ability to promote students’ critical thinking skills and ability to develop innovative ideas.

Under my tutelage, students will have access to:

  • A plethora of notes
  • Sample A+ pieces
  • Practice exams
  • A simulated practice exam at the end of the year with detailed feedback
  • Essay correction services

Rates, location and scores

$45/hour for one-on-one tutoring
Monash University (Clayton Campus). Although I prefer to teach at the aforementioned location, I am willing to negotiate with students’ who deem the location inconvenient.

I graduated in 2014 with an ATAR of 99.20 and a study score of 45 in English. I scored 18/20, 19/20 and 16/20 for Sections A-C respectively on the exam. In 2015 the median study score for my students was 40.

Wrijoy was one of the best tutors I’ve ever had! He was willing to work at a pace I was comfortable with. Concepts that appeared difficult became very easy to grasp under his tutelage. Wrijoy’s tips and ideas are very handy and helped polish my understanding of the coursework. With his guidance I was able to produce high-scoring pieces throughout the year and achieve an A+ in the final exam. You can also always count on him for motivation and to restore a positive mindset during critical moments in life where Satan is beckoning you to come join him in the underground where your self-esteem also resides. Wouldn’t recommend any other tutor other than this party-animal-genius.
Tara Ekanayake, Study Score 42
I’ve always enjoyed English thoroughly, but have never reached my full potential in writing until I decided to take up tutoring with Wrijoy. Coming from a school that only produced 1 or 2 English 40+ study scores a year I knew my goal of 40+ would be a difficult one. Wrijoy’s extensive feedback and willingness to help at anytime allowed me to improve significantly. I actually vividly remember receiving feedback for an essay at 2 am the morning before a SAC. Wrijoy is easy going, friendly and hard working, but most importantly knows his stuff inside out. Would highly recommend!
Mohamed Nafady, Study Score 44

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