Simon Yi – VCE Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics Tutor

Key qualifications and details:

Hey everybody! My name’s Simon and I’m a graduate from the 2014 class of Melbourne High School. Right now I’m in my second year of studying Medicine at Monash University.

I’ve had a year of experience in tutoring maths to VCE students just like yourselves, and even before then I was helping my classmates with mathematical concepts they didn’t understand. My goal is to simplify and explain maths in a way that everybody can understand, because oftentimes the textbooks and teachers just don’t make sense. In the end, I aim to help you understand the key concepts and why they’re important, instead of just rote-learning examples – because this way, you can apply the ideas to new questions.

Everyone’s got different needs, and I can tutor accordingly – if you’d like to ask me questions you have in-class, or if you need help understanding a few things from your homework, or if you want to cover material before you do it at school; I have had experience with all of these. I will provide you with personalised notes and an insight into the way I tackle mathematics questions!

Rates, location and scores


  • $35/hr – Individually
  • $30/hr – Groups, up to 4 people per group


  • Weekdays: Monash University, Glen Waverley, Bulleen, Doncaster
  • Any time: Bulleen, Doncaster, Box Hill


  • Mathematical Methods – 50
  • Specialist Mathematics – 48

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