Olivia Sun – VCE English and Japanese Second Language Tutor

Key qualifications and details:

Hello! My name is Olivia and I graduated from Haileybury Girls College in 2013 with an ATAR of 99.20. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Laws at Monash University.

English is pivotal to VCE, as it is a compulsory subject for the ‘top 4’. For many students who are stronger at maths and science, it can be stressful knowing that your score in English can ‘make or break’ your ATAR. I would like to assure those students that no matter how difficult you find it, it is extremely achievable to score over 40 or 45 in English, as long as you have the correct structure and preparation.

There are many aspects to writing a perfect English essay. I tailor my lessons depending on each student’s strengths, in order to bring out their best writing ability. My lessons tend to have a strong focus on crafting the perfect context piece, as it was my strongest section when I was studying, as well as the easiest section to stand out in. Of course, I would also love to share my techniques for language analysis as well as help structuring a solid text response.

For those interested in studying Japanese Second Language with me, I have excellent structural notes for grammar and can also be a great conversation partner for those preparing for their oral exam.

Rates, location and scores

I tutor English (50) and Japanese Second Language (42). I completed University Extension Japanese (5.0) in Year 12, and I am currently completing my major in Japanese.

My current rates (groups can be made in advance, or I will delegate students with similar learning styles):

ENGLISH (60 minute sessions):

  • $40 for one-on-one.
  • $25 each for groups of two.
  • $20 each for groups of three.

JAPANESE (45 minute sessions):

  • $25 for one-on-one.
  • $15 for groups of two or more.

My locations are open to negotiation as I am happy to travel to students’ houses if they live nearby, however I mainly tutor at Monash Clayton. I currently live in the Toorak/Hawthorn/Malvern area, but can also travel to the Springvale area for tutoring.

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