Dhanushree Patel – VCE Mathematical Methods and Chemistry Tutor

Key qualifications and details:

Hi! I am Dhanushree Patel and I graduated from John Monash Science School with an ATAR of 99.65 in 2014. I am currently studying medicine at Monash University.

As I am a recent VCE graduate, I am knowledgeable of the current course requirements, areas of weakness and strengths of most students and as I was a student, I easily interact with students and teach effectively.

With one year of experience tutoring VCE subjects, I have refined my teaching techniques to be highly effective and I am flexible to changing how I conduct lessons to suit your needs. As I am aware the study designs for Maths Methods and Specialist Mathematics have changed this year, I have adapted my knowledge and altered teaching material to meet the new requirements. I am happy to help you meet any specific goals or expectations you or your school teachers may of you.

I teach in a very friendly and organised manner and the lessons can be adapted to be:

  • Orientated around what you want during that lesson, or
  • Organised by me to achieve a long term goal

I will ensure the tutoring is not an extra burden over school work but something you look forward to – to gain help, learn new topics and subsequently excel in your studies. With regards to SAC and exam preparation, I provide various types of resources for each subject, including practice exams and PAST SAC questions for sufficient practice and to build your confidence.

Additionally, I completed 1st year chemistry at Monash (University Chemistry Extension) with a High Distinction as part of my VCE and am currently involved in student clubs as a student representative and a peer mentor.

I wish you all the best for your studies! Please don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact page if you have any questions!

Rates, location and scores

I am passionate and enjoy the subjects I teach, scoring a raw study score of 45 for Chemistry (I also completed University Extension with a high distinction average), raw score of 47 for Maths Methods (as an Year 11 student) and a raw score of 44 in Specialist Mathematics.

At my house in Springvale South or at Monash University Clayton libraries, hourly rates for sessions are $35 for one-on-one or $30 per student in a group of 2. Rates for different locations and group sizes can be negotiated. I am also happy to tutor at Dingley Village, Springvale and Clayton libraries.

Dhanushree has taught me concepts and skills that I hadn’t found or heard of before. Also, because Dhanushree was recently a student herself, she knows the curriculum extremely well. Dhanushree has helped me extend my knowledge and I would highly recommend her to people who want to achieve very high marks.
Stephanie C.