Cao Uyen Lam – VCE Biology and VCE Chemistry Tutor

Key qualifications and details:

Hello, class of 2017! My name is Cao Uyen Lam and I am part of the 2014 year 12 graduates from John Monash Science School. Since then, I have moved on to studying Bachelors of Biomedical Science at Monash University (currently third year). I have also involved myself in other roles in university that display my other traits such as sociability and leadership. Landing a position as a 1st year representative for a university club (MCCC) and as a 2nd year Biomedical Science and 2nd year Physiology student committee representative displays my competence not only as an educator but also as a well-rounded individual.

I am incredibly passionate about education and growth hence throughout my years of tutoring, I have learnt to not only focus on teaching the content and providing resources that you need for your subject of interest but also to cater my teaching in a way that makes it interactive and less stressful for the student.

After tutoring for more than 10+ students, I have learnt that personalised teaching is key to my tutoring. This means that although I do prepare lessons in advance, I can change this class regime depending on timing of SACs and how well you understand each concept taught in class. This form of learning is accommodated by continuous contact and receiving feedback from students outside of class before the next lesson begins.

Additionally, working with both a tutoring company (Edu-kingdom Coaching College) and a high-school initiative (Eduplus), which includes involvement with high school teachers and principals, allows me further insight into the VCE and P-10 curriculum and develop my proficiency in teaching.

This year I will be taking students interested in tutoring for VCE units ½ chemistry and units ¾ biology and with this, have updated my notes and questions to cater to the new 2017-2021 study design.

Any enquiries about anything I have mentioned above, feel free to use the contact page.

Rates, location and scores

• Bachelors of Biomedical Science at Monash University
• Wide range of tutoring experience with varying students (began 2012)
• Boosted scores of past students to >80% average in SACs
• Notes and exams provided
• For ½ Chemistry: 1st Year Chemistry – 92.3% average (High Distinction)
• For ¾ Biology: 1st Year Biomedical Science – 90.1% (High Distinction)
For VCE students:
• One-on-one: $40
• 2 per group: $30
• 2+ per group: $20
For P-10 students:
• One-on-one $30
• 2 per group: $25
• Near train stations (South-East Melbourne)
• My house (182 Railway Parade Noble Park 3174 – in front of Yarraman station)
• Monash University
• Libraries: Dandenong or Springvale

Cao Uyen had tutored me for year 11 Methods. She boosted my marks and confidence incredibly; I had gone from a quiet listener in class to an interactive contributor. She has great resources including practice SACS and end of year exams along with stress coping techniques and time management solutions. She has an excellent teaching ability that provides one-on-one teaching ensuring that I understood each topic thoroughly. Her availability was flexible and her support was amazing. I highly recommend Cao Uyen, awesome tutoring for an awesome price!

Stana Cvijic

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