Ashley Chow – VCE Physical Education (PE) Tutor

Key qualifications and details:

Hey everyone!

My name is Ashley and I graduated in from East Doncaster SC (2014) and am currently studying Arts/Law at Monash Uni.

As someone who enjoys being physically active, I was very passionate about studying PE in school and therefore went out of my way to learn the whole course inside out. To this day, I am still constantly expanding my knowledge of the course by applying it to everyday life and while training for sporting events.

Lesson Style

My lessons tend to consist of 2 parts.

  1. Teaching the content
  2. Answering exam style questions

The time spent on each part is tailored to each student’s needs and dependent on how confident they feel on a certain topic.

Having collected many notes/lecture guides/ Assessor’s notes, throughout my VCE, I give each of my students numerous handouts and notes which help explain the area of study. As PE can often get quite technical and scientific, looking at the content in different ways can help students with their understanding of the different physiological systems.

I also like to give out many practice SACs and my own A+ SACs in order to help students prepare for their own assessments and ease their nerves about the types of questions that may be asked.

While I believe SACs are important, my lessons are ultimately aimed at helping students do well in the final exam by giving them the extra knowledge, tips and little nuances they need to get a full mark answer.

Rates, location and scores

Having scored a 50 for PE, along with the highest SAC average in the cohort, I believe I am able to give students that little push they need to achieve outstanding marks throughout the year and ultimately in the exam.


1 on 1: $40/h

Group (up to 4): $30/ h each


I tutor the majority of my students at my house in East Doncaster or at Monash University (Clayton) during the Uni semester.

Other locations such as local libraries or the State Library can be negotiated depending on location and availability.

Ashley was an extremely well organised and knowledgeable tutor who gave me heaps of extra resources that were very helpful in preparing me for my school sacs and giving me an A+ on the exam!
Arman B.

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