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Eleisha Li

VCE Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics

Hi everyone! I’m a dedicated and friendly VCE tutor providing flexible lessons catered to your needs. I will try my best to help you strive and achieve your goals in maths.

Raw Scores: Mathematical Methods [50]; Specialist Mathematics [48]

ATAR: 99.90


Calvin Fletcher

VCE Chemistry and English Language

After tutoring more than 10 students in the past, I maintain that I have both the knowledge, and the experience to help you achieve your desired study score!

Raw Scores: Chemistry [50]; English Language [47]

ATAR: 99.85

Keith Pang

VCE Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods

While Methods and Specialist can be difficult subjects, with the right guidance, they become easy to understand. My goal is to make maths simple and accessible so that you can achieve the mark you deserve.

Raw Scores: Specialist Mathematics [46]; Mathematical Methods [45]

ATAR: 99.80


Kit Ming Foo

VCE Physics, Chemistry and Mathematical Methods

Hi everyone, I’m Kit and I am an enthusiastic and dedicated VCE tutor who will strive to help you achieve your best. I have tutored students before and will ensure that you receive tutoring of the highest quality.

Raw Scores: Physics [49]; Chemistry [44]; Mathematical Methods [44]

ATAR: 99.75


Sachintha Senarath

VCE English as an Alternative Language (EAL)

To achieve great results sometimes you need a little guidance, and through my dedication, knowledge and passion I believe I am capable of providing that. My goal is to help you achieve your very best.

Raw Score: English as an Additional Language [50, Premier’s]

ATAR: 99.70


Dhanushree Patel

VCE Mathematical Methods and Chemistry

Are you looking for a dedicated, friendly and a knowledgeable tutor who can tailor the lessons to suit your needs, who is also easily approachable during and outside of lessons? I will be a tutor and a friend to help you be the BEST you can be in your VCE!

Raw Scores: Mathematical Methods [47]; Chemistry [45]

ATAR: 99.65


Victor Hu

VCE LiteratureClassical Studies, Philosophy, Music Performance, Investigation and English Tutor

Hi guys, I hope to both teach and clarify some of the difficult concepts and structures in humanities subjects. I’m knowledgeable in a range of different subjects and styles so I can help improve your writing and critical thinking skills.

Raw Scores: English [48]; Philosophy [48]; Music Performance [48]; Music Investigation [47]; Literature [44]; Classical Studies [43]

ATAR: 99.65


Yunfei Qiu

VCE Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics

Hi guys! I’m Yunfei and I am a passionate and knowledgeable VCE tutor who will help you achieve your best in VCE Maths!

Raw Scores: Mathematical Methods [49]; Specialist Mathematics [47]

ATAR: 99.60


Zoe Li

VCE Chemistry and Mathematical Methods

I am a flexible and knowledgeable VCE tutor, who will work with you in tutes tailored to your needs, ensuring that you do your very best in Year 12!

Raw Scores: Chemistry [49]; Mathematical Methods [48]

ATAR: 99.55


Satheesha Peiris

VCE Specialist Mathematics and Chemistry

Confident. Passionate. Effective communication skills. Well versed with the new study design & course.
My goal is to guide you to achieve your very best in VCE.

Raw Scores: Specialist Mathematics [46]; Chemistry [46]; University Extension Mathematics [5.0]

ATAR: 99.55


Goutami Barman

VCE Business Management, English and Health and Human Development

If you want to maximise your ATAR and minimise stress, I’m the tutor for you! With student-customised sessions, and a friendly, “can-do!” attitude, I will do my best to help you be your best.

Raw Scores: Business Management [48]; Health and Human Development [45]; English [45]

ATAR: 99.55


Shourye Dwivedi

VCE Biology

Biology is tough. My sessions simplify Biology into key principles, integrate these into overarching concepts, and integrate knowledge from the year to prevent you from forgetting anything. I will get you the marks you deserve.

Raw Scores: Biology [48];

ATAR: 99.50


Selina Lin

VCE Japanese Second Language

Achieve what you want to achieve. Japanese may be a challenge but I can help you through to turn your weaknesses into strengths with flexible and stress-free lessons that will give you a fresh perspective.

Raw Score: Japanese Second Language [47]

ATAR: 99.50


James Polmear

VCE English, Environmental Science, Biology and Mathematical Methods

Hi all, I am a friendly and flexible VCE tutor eager to help you through the trials of Year 12!

Raw Scores: English [47]; Environmental Science [47]; Biology [45]; Mathematical Methods [41]

ATAR: 99.35

Tahlia Hunter

VCE Literature and VCE Music Theory

Hello! I am a passionate and engaging VCE Literature and Music Theory tutor dedicated to helping you maximise your VCE results and exceed your potential.

Raw Scores: Literature [50]; Music Investigation [50]; Music Performance [45]

ATAR: 99.25


Ayngaran Ravi

VCE Accounting and Biology

Hi! I am a flexible and passionate VCE tutor, dedicated to support and work with you throughout the year, to help you achieve your best.

Raw Scores: Accounting [45]; Biology [48]

ATAR: 99.25


Wrijoy Chowdhury

VCE English

Hey! After a year’s experience in tutoring, I have reformed my teaching approach whilst maintaining the same passion I harboured for English in year 12, both requisites to guide students to their potential in English.

Raw Score: English [45]

ATAR: 99.20


Olivia Sun

VCE English and Japanese Second Language

Everyone is outstanding at something. VCE is all about playing YOUR best hand to maximise your potential. I like to find each student’s unique strength and teach them to use it to their advantage.

Raw Scores: English [50]; Japanese Second Language [42]; University Extension Japanese [5.0]

ATAR: 99.20


Simon Yi

VCE Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics

Hi all, I’m Simon and I know that VCE is a very challenging ordeal. However, I’d love to help you do the best you can, and help you end up on top of everything!

Raw Scores: Mathematical Methods [50]; Specialist Mathematics [48]

ATAR: 99.00


Catherine Tan

VCE English as an Additional Language (EAL)

As a VCE tutor, I have the knowledge and dedication to making sure that we find well defined strategies and methods to ensure that you can meet the challenge of EAL and achieve your desired score!

Raw Score: English as an Additional Language (EAL) [50]

ATAR: 99.05


Jakob Smith

VCE French and History: Revolutions

Hi! I’m passionate about the subjects I tutor in, and I’d love to share with you my knowledge and experience to help you exceed your expectations in VCE!

Raw Scores: French [45]; History: Revolutions [44]

ATAR: 98.40


Chloe Han

VCE Psychology and Biology

You can master Psychology – and many things – with dedication and a little extra. In my classes I teach with notes, practice questions and discussions to sharpen your understanding, approach to assessments, and maximise your gain.

Raw Scores: Psychology [48]; Biology [43]

ATAR: 97.95


Justyna Cyza

VCE Geography

A good tutor’s aid can make a world of difference, both to your confidence and results. As a highly enthusiastic Geography VCE tutor, I’d love to help you achieve your very best in the subject!

Raw Score: Geography [49]

ATAR: 97.90


Ashley Chow

VCE Physical Education (PE)

A highly knowledgeable and passionate VCE tutor who can help you with achieving your desired score while juggling the challenges of Year 12!

Raw Score: Physical Education [50]

ATAR: 97.70


Julian Petris

VCE Psychology and History: Revolutions

I tutor in History and Psychology. My method is non-intensive. I try to create a comfortable environment to discuss topics or questions that trouble students with whilst also helping to develop study strategies for exams and SACs

Raw Score: Psychology [50]; History: Revolutions [44]

ATAR: 97.55

Cao Uyen Lam

VCE Biology and VCE Chemistry

Hello, everyone! I have been intermittently tutoring a range of students from 2012-present in both P-10 and VCE subjects. Through my dynamic lessons, students have improved their scores drastically. Hopefully, I can do the same for you!

Monash University Chemistry – 92.3% (HD), Monash University Biomedical Science – 90.1% (HD)


Steven Khuu

VCE Specialist Mathematics

As the subject I put the majority of my time into throughout year 12, I have gained a thorough understanding of what is required to do well in specialist.

Raw Score: Specialist Mathematics [45]

ATAR: 96.95