VCE English Language 3/4 – Section C: Essay Workshop

Ever thought that it must be impossible to get 100% on an English essay?

  • Where: Monash University Caulfield Campus, Building H220
  • When: 12:00-4:30pm, 30.6.16
  • Where to buy tickets: We have partnered with IWannaTicket to offer scannable tickets straight to your email. Click here to purchase a ticket.
  • Who: Hosted by Calvin Fletcher, Raw Score: 47, ATAR 99.85, Section C: 30/30
  • Facebook Event:

I challenge you to think again and attend our essay workshop.

While certainly no easy feat, our Head Tutor Calvin managed to push his essay writing to the limit delivering FULL MARKS (30/30) in 2014, with the transcripts to back it up!

Now he’s back to deliver the 2nd workshop in his series. With the right approach, scoring a 30/30 for the Section C: Essay on the exam is very much in the grasps of anybody who is willing to work towards it!

Notably, Section C is typically the section with the lowest median score on the exam. A+ scores have been elusive to many students, some being limited by their examples, some by their analysis, and some by their metalanguage.

All of these features and more will be covered as Head Tutor Calvin (99.85, 47 RAW) guides you through how to write an effective, 30/30 essay on a range of topics including:

  • Taboo, discriminatory language and political correctness
  • Obfuscation and the language of manipulation 
  • Language and identity, both group identities and Australian identity
  • The appropriateness of language based on cultural, and situational context

FREE study notes including 30/30 A+ SAMPLE ESSAYS will be provided as part of the 4.5 hour essay workshop. Calvin will also be available after the session to answer any additional queries and questions regarding VCE English Language.

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