VCE English Language 3/4 – Analytical Commentary Workshop 2017

What does it take to write an A+ VCE English Language Commentary?

“Is negative face just the opposite of positive face?”

“How does social purpose differ from the function of the text?!”

“What even are contextual factors!?!?”

Times have been tough for VCE English Language students ever since the study design changed this year. But there is nothing to fear. Within the semantic domain of our VCE English Language classroom, VCAA’s troubling doublespeak can now begin to be deciphered.

This workshop will focus on the analytical commentary, otherwise known as the ‘discourse analysis’ or simply the ‘commentary’. Since its inception in 2012, A+ scores have been elusive to many students, some being limited by their structure, some by their analysis, and some by their metalanguage.

All of these features and more will be covered as Head Tutor Calvin (99.85, 47 RAW) guides you through how to write an effective, A+ commentary which covers contextual factors, social purpose, register (and more!) through an eloquent, but flexible structure.

FREE study notes including A+ SAMPLE COMMENTARIES will be provided as part of the 3-hour session. Calvin will also be available after the session to answer any additional queries and questions regarding VCE English Language.

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