VCE EAL English 3/4 – Triple Section Essay Workshop

What does it take to be the top scorer in the state for VCE EAL and VCE English?

What does perfection look like? What does it look like to write the best combination of VCE EAL essays, not only in your school, but in all of Victoria?

While certainly no easy feat, Sachintha (Sachi) managed to push his VCE EAL essay writing to the limit, delivering a perfect 50 in EAL with a Premier’s Award for his efforts in 2014!

With the right approach, following in Sachi’s footsteps on the VCE EAL exam is very much in the grasps of anybody who is willing to work towards it!

Sachi will be focusing on the nuances of VCE EAL with regard to marking, essay style and structure. While in many ways similar to mainstream English, he believes the subject has ‘significant differences which must be addressed’.

All three sections of the exam will be covered in this workshop, including:

  • ✔ Section A: Text response – developing gripping contentions, finding strong examples and how to appeal to an EAL examiner
  • ✔ Section B: Writing in Context – choosing relevant examples from the text and beyond, how to use personal experience in context writing and essay structure
  • ✔ Section C: Analysis of language – identifying persuasive techniques, understanding how the reader is positioned, learning the difference between superficial and in-depth analysis
FREE study notes including Premier’s Award standard SAMPLE ESSAYS will be provided as part of the 4 hour session. Sachi will also be available after the session to answer any additional queries and questions regarding VCE EAL and VCE EAL essays.

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