Why join Evolve?

  • We handle marketing for you, so you can increase your reach without the hassle. However, you are also free to market yourself elsewhere. While tutoring under a company such as Evolve, your credibility to students skyrockets in relation to the competition.
  • Develop yourself as a tutor. Evolve provides opportunities to take lectures, workshops and group classes.
  • No commissions for private tutoring. We know how hard you work for your money, and we want to leave as much as possible for your own use. We instead take a one-off payment equivalent to your hourly rate every 10 or 15 lessons depending on whether you’re tutoring in a group, or a single student. Better yet, these rates only apply to students you get from the company, you’re free to keep any students you have already without charge. It doesn’t take a 50 in Specialist to realise this is a much better deal!
  • Enhance your employability. As students ourselves, we know you won’t be tutoring forever. That’s why we believe it’s important that you can use your experiences tutoring to benefit your resume. As a registered Australian business with an ABN and business name, Evolve is far more resume-friendly when compared to freelance private tutoring.
  • Free access to tutoring materials. As Evolve grows, so too will our selection of subject-specific materials, particularly online. As a tutor under Evolve, you are free to utilise any of these during your lessons without fuss.
  • Keep your freedom and flexibility. Last but not least, you choose how many hours you want to work a week. You choose where and when you want to do your lessons. You choose how your lessons run and finally you choose what materials you wish to provide.

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