Why online tutoring with Evolve?

  • How does it work? Sessions are currently run through Skype, a reliable and trustworthy platform suitable for a wide range of learning activities. There is no need to commit to a whole term of lessons, simply pay as you go!
  • Reasonable, affordable pricing. We know how hard you work for your money, and we want to leave as much as possible for your own use. As such we do not take commissions from our tutors, so you can trust that their prices remain reasonable without need for markup.
  • Free access to tutoring materials. As Evolve grows, so to will our selection of subject-specific materials, particularly online. As a student under Evolve, you are free to utilise any of these online materials during your studies without fee.
  • Learn in your pajamas. You choose when and where you would like lessons through negotiation with the tutor. Times are often very flexible, and you need not worry about transport away from home!
  • Equity to all Victorians. Living outside of Melbourne while doing Year 12 can be tough. There are many more resources, revision classes and tutors who reside in the city. Thankfully through online tutoring, you can access that same Melbourne expertise anywhere in Victoria!
  • Freedom of choice. We give you the opportunity to pick a suitable tutor based on study score, location or other qualifications listed on their profile. We believe this allows our students to find a tutor compatible with their needs.

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