Vicky Xu – HL and SL English, SL History, EE (English) and TOK IB Tutor

Key qualifications and details:

Hey lovely students! I’m Vicky, a second year medical student currently studying at Monash University. I moved to Melbourne for my MBBS degree after attending high school at St Cuthbert’s College in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’ve had plenty of experience tutoring, with this being my third year. Currently, I tutor four students in a range of subjects such as HL and SL English, SL History, EE (English), and TOK.

I’ve helped students receiving a 4 in SL English transform their marks to gain not only a perfect 7 in English but also attain Top of English in their year level. I’ve guided students into understanding TOK so that they can plan and write TOK essays and presentations with ease. Numerous students needing the extra push to turn their 6 in HL English and SL History have attained the coveted 7.

The key to my success in tutoring is based upon the rapport I am able to establish with my students. My students are comfortable to ask questions they may be too intimidated to ask in class. I am not only a tutor to my students, but a friend who genuinely cares about their achievements and future, willing to offer all the tips and tricks that will lead them to their success. I aim to not only help my students attain the scores of their dreams, but to also inspire them to enjoy English, History, and TOK as much as I do.

All my lessons are done through Skype. This allows students to learn from the comfort of their own home, minimise travel time, and have lessons at all hours during the day and night.

Rates, location and scores

I scored a 44 in the International Baccalaureate, with perfect 7s in HL English, HL Biology, HL Chemistry, SL History, and SL French. I also gained As in both TOK and EE (English). This score translated to a 99.85 ATAR.

I tutor one-on-one Skype lessons at an hourly rate of $40.

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