Saurav Das – HL Chemistry, HL Economics, SL Mathematics, HL Language A: English, ToK and EE IB Tutor

Key qualifications and details:

In between high school and Oxford, I tutored extensively in both VCE and IB, with eight students in various subjects over the nine-month time period. Since returning to Melbourne in June, I’ve taken up tutoring again, having helped one student from Sydney through her Economics EE and ToK assignments, one student with an English Literature EE, and one student for general tutoring in English and Economics (with a little bit of Maths and Chemistry help thrown in), in addition to one mature-age law student.

I find that, at least in my personal experience, one’s perspective and skillset as a tutor is greatly improved after undertaking higher study oneself – I find myself more and more bringing in techniques and emulating strategies that were employed to teach me in my one-on-one tutorials at University. 

My teaching style consists of interactive discussions around either a piece of the student’s written work, which I have read and marked beforehand, or over a series of notes on a given topic (of the student’s choosing), which I compile beforehand with reference to a combination of my own High School resource and independent research.

My goal is to help students engage with topics on a fundamental level, to understand the underlying rationales and purposes of a given theory or tool or topic of study, so as to better comprehend and synthesise these discrete topics as one coherent whole. I also aim to encourage students to delve deeper into the external implications of various topics, so as to foster a greater sense of engagement and clarity as to the relevance and intrigue of topics that may often seem dry or dull in a schoolroom environment.

Rates, location and scores

I primarily take lessons over Skype, at a rate of $50/hr; supplemented by always being available over email for questions, tips, and suggestions – I remember from personal experience that sometimes the best ideas or most pertinent questions come outside of class hours.
When it comes to Extended Essays and Internal Assessments, I find it best for students to send me a draft beforehand, which I then mark in my own time and send back, prior to having a 90-minute session discussing the draft, any questions, queries, or feedback that either party wants to expand upon, potential avenues for further research and analysis if appropriate, and pathways forward for further improvements.

The combined fee for the written feedback service and 90-minute session is $100.
I am also available for outcalls (i.e. I come to you) on request, depending on location. The minimum lesson length and rates for an outcall will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, in order to take into account travel time and expense.

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