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Jessica Le

HL Chemistry, HL History, SL Mathematics, SL Language A: English and HL Music 

Hey guys, I’m Jess, an incredibly dedicated, passionate tutor who can help you be the best IB student you can be. I love making complex concepts simple, building your knowledge and giving you confidence!

Scores: HL Chemistry [7], HL History [7], SL Mathematics [7], SL Language A: English [7], HL Music [7]

Diploma Score: 45 (ATAR of 99.95)


Saurav Das

HL English, HL Economics, SL Chemistry, SL HistorySL Maths, ToK and EE

I’m Saurav, an IB and Oxford-educated Melburnian with extensive tutoring experience at school and university level. I love applying the skills I’ve accrued through my own education to guide others in solving new problems.

Scores: HL Chemistry [7], HL Economics [7], SL Mathematics [7], HL Language A1: English [7], ToK: Essay [A], Presentation [A], English A1 EE [A]

Diploma Score: 45 (ATAR of 99.95)


Milan Van Ammers

HL Chemistry

Hi, I’m Milan. I’m a motivated and passionate tutor for IB chemistry. I breezed through year 12 with a good study plan and a few tricks about IB, which I’m hoping to pass on.

Score: HL Chemistry [7] (97% final score)

Diploma Score: 44 (ATAR of 99.85)


Vicky Xu

HL and SL English Literature, Theory Of Knowledge, SL History, Extended Essay

A friendly, enthusiastic, and passionate tutor ready to go the extra mile for IB students. With two years experience and over 10 students in the past, I know how to help you reach your potential.

Scores: Language A: Literature [7] (teaches SL as well) ; TOK  [A] (Both As in presentation and essay) ; EE (English) [A] ; SL History [7]

Diploma Score: 44 (ATAR of 99.85)