Why group tutoring with Evolve?

  • Top of the pack. Only our most knowledgeable and experienced tutors take group classes leaving you in an optimal position to succeed.
  • Learn through interaction. A small group of 2-6 strikes that fine balance between the personalised air of 1-on-1 and the collaborative nature of the classroom.
  • Cheaper rates. Finding a good tutor can be hard, especially hard when on a budget. Fortunately, Evolve offers discounted rates for group classes. These vary with tutor, but a group of 5 for example can reduce the price by a whopping $20 each per hour!
  • Free access to tutoring materials. As Evolve grows, so to will our selection of subject-specific materials, particularly online. As a student under Evolve, you are free to utilise any of these online materials during your studies without fee.
  • No commitment. You will never be forced to pay for a number of lessons upfront, and you are free to discontinue lessons at any time if you are unhappy!

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