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Evolve Academics delivers accomplished and well-informed tutors for students taking the VCE. However, we do not guarantee any results for students of our programs as we believe results are also reliant on elements such as teaching methods at school, personal work ethic and the ability to handle stress and pressure in exams.

“Accomplished” refers to past achievement in the VCE, in study score and/or ATAR score. “Accomplished” does not refer to an official teaching degree or other qualification unless otherwise stated.

As such programs at Evolve Academics are not a replacement for regular home study, and should not be seen as buying a certain result, or study score.

All tutors are independent contractors and Evolve Academics will not be held liable for their actions.

The VCAA does not endorse or affiliate itself with Evolve Academics. The VCAA publishes the only official information regarding courses including the VCE®, which is a trademark of the VCAA.