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Why choose Evolve Academics for IB and VCE tutoring?

My name is Calvin Fletcher and I founded Evolve Academics in an effort to counteract misconceptions and poor teaching of the VCE.

After graduating in 2014 with an ATAR of 99.85, I began VCE tutoring. However I was astounded to see how little some students were taught in VCE English Language, a subject many schools struggle to approach. Some simply employed mainstream English teachers to teach the subject. Others did not teach the nuances of the new study design and instead taught outdated material.

Sadly, most schools have at least one ‘Achilles heel’ in this fashion; a subject they do not teach quite as well as the others. While some subjects may be taught quite thoroughly, some are always left behind.

Our IB and VCE tutors on the other hand are all past students. They have all completed the subjects they tutor themselves, knowing the IB and VCE course from a student’s perspective, and excelling in their respective years.

Calvin Fletcher VCE English Language and VCE Chemistry Tutor

Some testimonials from satisfied students can be found below:

Was group tutored by Calvin in 2015 along with one other student. He taught at a pace which both of us could understand and also made sure everyone was on the same page. Excellent tutor and would definitely recommend.
Jie H.
Calvin tutored me last year for Chemistry and is very thorough with teaching! He can literally answer any question (on the spot as well) He’s very flexible with his tutoring and can cater to your needs whether it’s going ahead of the class or consolidating info. Aside from this he prepares you so well for SACS and the end of year exam with exam techniques and time management strategies. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to get A+ sacs and a 42 raw study score!! 10/10 tutor would recommend!!
Cindy D.
Ashley was an extremely well organised and knowledgeable tutor who gave me heaps of extra resources that were very helpful in preparing me for my school sacs and giving me an A+ on the exam!
Arman B.
Wrijoy was one of the best tutors I’ve ever had! He was willing to work at a pace I was comfortable with. Concepts that appeared difficult became very easy to grasp under his tutelage. Wrijoy’s tips and ideas are very handy and helped polish my understanding of the coursework. With his guidance I was able to produce high-scoring pieces throughout the year and achieve an A+ in the final exam. You can also always count on him for motivation and to restore a positive mindset during critical moments in life where Satan is beckoning you to come join him in the underground where your self-esteem also resides. Wouldn’t recommend any other tutor other than this party-animal-genius.
Tara Ekanayake, Study Score 42
I’ve always enjoyed English thoroughly, but have never reached my full potential in writing until I decided to take up tutoring with Wrijoy. Coming from a school that only produced 1 or 2 English 40+ study scores a year I knew my goal of 40+ would be a difficult one. Wrijoy’s extensive feedback and willingness to help at anytime allowed me to improve significantly. I actually vividly remember receiving feedback for an essay at 2 am the morning before a SAC. Wrijoy is easy going, friendly and hard working, but most importantly knows his stuff inside out. Would highly recommend!
Mohamed Nafady, Study Score 44
Dhanushree has taught me concepts and skills that I hadn’t found or heard of before. Also, because Dhanushree was recently a student herself, she knows the curriculum extremely well. Dhanushree has helped me extend my knowledge and I would highly recommend her to people who want to achieve very high marks.
Stephanie C.

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